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I have always enjoyed writing.  My earliest ‘books’ were written at primary school and were, somewhat precociously, about William Caxton and ancient Mesopotamia!  Here are their covers, somewhat faded after several decades !

I have written books on a variety of subjects, published and edited an international magazine for management consultants (Effective Consulting) and edited a number of house journals and membership organisation magazines, including Afghan Review and The Cord (both for canine societies), Brent Goose (for an NHS district) and various other publications.  I was also co-editor for Palace Guard – a newsletter to promote Alexandra Palace before its re-development.  I am a member of the Society of Authors and was a Fellow of CIB (Communicators in Business) and won one of their short story competitions and one of their poetry competitions.

Many of my books are about, or include aspects of, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); you can find out more about NLP in the ‘Coaching’ section of this website.

And here are just a few comments people have made about some of my books:

NLP Made Easy

The most succinct and engaging introduction to NLP available today.  L. Michael Hall

Think Yourself Slim

In view of the NHS new direction that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and the appalling sums that the NHS is spending on treating diabetes, the timing of this book appearing could not be better.  Dr. Elisabeth Hutchinson

Consult Yourself

The only guide to consultancy that anyone could need.  I wish it had  been around when I started out.  Graham Willcocks

Adventures of the Chickalloon

A lovely book that teaches both parents and children about making our world a better place; every school should be working with this book.  A must read for all parents.  Knowledge is King (Books, CDs and DVDs on personal growth)

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Think Yourself Slim
A book about weight management.  All to do with identifying your own motivational patterns – not a diet book. Publisher: Pentre Publications £8.99 postage free in UK

NLP Made Easy
A basic introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Publisher: Element/HarperCollins Available from HarperCollins

A Guide to Traditional Pig keeping
All about how to keep pigs.  UK best-seller for several years. Publisher: The Good Life Press Ltd Sale price £8 (was £19.99), postage free in UK 


Networking for Success – The NLP Approach to  a Key Business and Social Skill
A comprehensive guide to business networking, both face-to-face and online. Includes Impression Management and communication skills  Revised edition issued in 2020 by Pentre Publications.
Price £12.99 and
postage free in UK

Consult Yourself
An NLP guide to management consultancy Publisher: Crown House Publishing Limited Available from Crown House Publishing

Producing Successful Magazines, Newsletters and e-zines Publisher: How To Books Ltd Not currently in print

The Trainer’s  Cookbook
Ideas on food to provide on training courses Publisher: Pentre Publications E-book £5 


Breakthrough Language Learning (Co-author)
An NLP guide to language learning Spiral-bound book and audio CD Publisher: Rockwell House Sale price £5 (was £24.99), postage free in UK

Super Slimming
Short NLP guide to achieving weight-loss goals Booklet and card set Publisher: Pentre Publications Sale price £5, postage free in UK

The Earning Curve How to build a network marketing business. Publisher: Pentre Publications E-book.  Currently being revised.

Some Stories of my Life 
150 amusing stories from over the years. Topics include: ‘Why did a pig eat a kipper?’, ‘How did our street get covered in lino?’,’How do inanimate objects strike back?’. Illustrated with about 100 photos.
Price £12.99  and postage free in UK 


Special offer on children’s books – all three for £16

Adventures of the Chickalloon
A book on ecology for 7-11 year olds. A fun story about lots of animals, illustrated with colour pictures. Topics include deforestation, waste disposal, recycling, renewable energy, bio-engineering, intensive farming and more. Publisher: Pentre Publications £7.99 postage free in UK 


Adventures of the Hogball
A book on health for 7-11 year olds. A fun story about lots of animals, with 25 pictures to colour in. Topics include food, exercise, sleep, confidence, positive thinking, blue light, sunshine, gut bacteria, use of mobile phones, avoiding drugs and more. Publisher: Pentre Publications £6.99 postage free in UK 

  Adventures of the Meerflat (New in 2020)
A book for 7-11 year olds. About how to make friends and how to be a good friend. Topics include confidence, sharing, being helpful, reliability, listening and understanding others.  With 24 full page pictures to colour in.
Publisher: Pentre Publications £7.99  postage free in UK                                                               

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